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The Daily is a collection of links that are updated daily (or most weekdays at least) that provide useful information to the citizens of Springfield. The content below is drawn from several different city departments. The links will update at different times each day. It is always possible that you will click on a link and find that it has not updated yet, but we're trying to keep the public informed as best we can.  Also, these links are not optimized for mobile devices. We recommend a desktop or a laptop for comfortable viewing.

City - Documents & Reports

BDS Code Enforcement Citations

BDS Permits Issued

Business Licenses - Most Recent 

City Meetings & Agendas

Greene County Court Docket

Restuarant Inspections

SPD Media Report

Zone 1 - Documents & Reports

 Zone 1 - BDS Code Enforcement Citations

Zone 1 - Business Licences Issued

Zone 1 - Permits

Zone 2 - Documents & Reports

 Zone 2 - BDS Code Enforcement Citations

Zone 2 - Business Licences Issued

Zone 2 - Permits

Zone 3 - Documents & Reports

 Zone 3 - BDS Code Enforcement Citations

Zone 3 - Business Licences Issued

Zone 3 - Permits

Zone 4 - Documents & Reports

 Zone 4 - BDS Code Enforcement Citations

Zone 4 - Business Licences Issued

Zone 4 - Permits

Don't know your City Council Zone? Need to find your Council Zone or Representative? Click Here to use the city's interactive "Find My Council Member" map.

Neighborhood Service Areas - Documents & Reports

We don't promise that this section of the website will be perfect. The individual Zone links above are much more stable, so you may find them more useful. These are resources that neighborhoods have requested, though. Because of the nature of these links they may only give you the desired view if opened on a desktop or laptop vs. a mobile device. Sorry for that inconvenience.

NSA - Code Enforcement

NSA - Business Licenses

NSA - Permits

Civic News

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